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'Cleansing: Revitalized' Program

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'Cleansing: Revitalized' Program

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  • Tired of all the hype of cleanses this time of year?
  • Frustrated by hitting the cleanse reset button over and over?
  • New to the process or think you know all there is to know?
  • "Cleanse" right, for your unique body!

Matt Walton R.TCMP, Director of Roots to Sky Health & Guidance offers a powerfully unique package to help you cleanse the right way for your body, fusing the time-tested perspectives of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda with modern nutrition. You'll learn tips, foods, herbs, and valuable wisdom for knowing when and what you’re cleansing – by learning to listen to the communication from your own body.


  • A powerful, visually-stunning, info-packed live recorded 1.5hr video presentation to truly transform your mindset and make new connections to your body like never before - yours to keep!
  • Presentation handouts so you can keep notes to review
  • An in-depth writeup on how to maximize your Spring experience
  • 'Highlight Handouts' of the foods, lifestyle & supplements you'll want to focus on or avoid - and why
  • A great 'Spring-Awaken Tune-ups' discount - in person or via Skype


  • Maximize your genetic potential by learn the importance of seasonal eating - how we evolved to eat & thrive!
  • Learn if its actually an appropriate time to cleanse for your body
  • Learn how to interpret your signs & symptoms - and the corresponding tools to use to restore your health
  • Learn the difference of when to cleanse and when to rebuild
  • Cleanse without overly-restricting yourself - any time of the year!

Isn't it time you breathed some fresh air into your cleanse experience?

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